4 tips for more engaging posts

  • Dec 21, 2019


How to create posts that don't sound like a sales pitch!

4 tricks to posting engaging content. 



The point of social media is to create engagement, and how we create engagement is to create content! For a business this is no different, except businesses are not creating content for giggles! Businesses are creating content to help drive sales. But how do we create content without sounding like we should be wearing a tweed jacket, standing next to  a "one owner family minivan that is priced to move"? Although it will be a little different for every business, here are 4 tricks to help you stay out of the "Sales" Zone and into the "Engagement" Zone.


1.Give away a tip or trick

Does this sound familiar? Giving away info makes you an authority in your field. This creates engagement by motivating a viewer to try your "tips and tricks", thus, helping them out and making you look like a master. 


2. Post what you can

Don't get lost in the weeds. Trying to make every post look like it was cut out of a magazine is not necessary and in fact might hurt you. Posts that look a little sloppy sometimes have the best engagement. They make people feel comfortable and they will often times stop and look. make sure you post Photos and videos along with your text. 


3. Show your personality

Gone are the days of trying to fit in a box and expecting everyone to want it. Now people are looking for a story, an experience, and something to relate. Companies and businesses are no different. Be unique, have fun and try to develop your unique company personality. 


4. Be consistent and stay in your lane

Use tools like scheduling apps to help you keep up on your social posts. Pre Plan so you have time to develop the engaging posts. Think about what your posting and ask yourself if it fits within what your company does. If it does not fit. do not post. You need to talk about what you do, anything outside of that is just nose and does not create "you" as the authority in your field. Only post about your business, clients or about the field you are in.


The next week try the 4 tips and let us know how they worked.


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